Project solution

Redesigned filling room

The test field for filling trials is divided into two rooms. The large room, which is still accessible via the existing high-speed door, contains all the components required for a filling test. These are as follows:

• Conveying system for bulk materials
• Active filling module with associated steel plate
• Console with control unit and HMI ("Human Machine Interface")
• Permanently installed silo
• Mobile flat belt conveyor and sack belt scale

In the small room the electrical control, as well as the extraction and the compressed air supply of the test field are provided. This room also offers storage space for test equipment.

Detail construction

The newly designed filling room contains a parking space for a filling module, which is placed and installed under the permanently installed silo. The aim of the arrangement is to ensure that the modules can be changed quickly. It is also possible to assemble and test future prototypes in this system.Material handling is optimized by means of spiral conveyors, flat-bed conveyors and a sack belt weigher.

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